Legal Studies Subjects

Below is a listing of our NESA Legal Studies lessons:

Subject Level Hours Further Information
Legal Studies Year 11 2 hrs NESA Legal Studies Stage 6
  Year 12 2 hrs NESA Legal Studies Stage 6

Our 6-Point Lesson Charter

  1. Class groups will be kept small and will only be made up of students of equal level and capability.
  2. The content of lessons will be specific to the material and requirements of the students' school curriculum or purpose.
  3. Lessons will be tailored to students' individual needs and situation, and will focus on identifying and correcting students' weak points.
  4. Students will receive extensive coaching on exam technique and likely exam content, so that their academic results are maximised.
  5. Lessons will be conducted in as friendly an atmosphere as possible, and material presented in as interesting and enjoyable a manner as possible.
  6. The progress and satisfaction of each student will be regularly monitored and discussed with that student and/or the student's parents.

Our Legal Studies lessons are conducted one-on-one or in small, personalised and highly-focused
groups of 2 to 4 students to achieve maximum learning effectiveness.